Artistic Crafts


Inventive Creations from Cast-Offs. 

For all ages: How to turn discarded and everyday materials into artistic crafts. Illustrated in full color.  



Artistic Crafts: Inventive Creations From Cast-Offs is complete with ideas for using discarded and every-day materials in artistic ways. With 80 full color illustrations, the book includes methods to create such inventive things as: Movable figures, animals and objects; Fabric houses, gardens and people; 2-D and 3-D designs; Paintings on wood, tile, plexiglass and glass; Plaster trivets, plates and wall hangings; Puppets, scenery, stories and songs.



  • Movable figures, animals and objects
  • Fabric houses, gardens and people
  • 2-D and 3-D designs in various materials
  • Paintings on wood, tile, plexiglass and glass
  • Plaster trivets plates and wall hangings
  • Puppets, scenery, stories and songs


Softcover 60 pages 80 full color illustrations
ISBN: 097461193X 






“Using the materials and processes that Dr. Peck presents in her book, teachers can maintain the integrity of their art programs on limited budgets while simultaneously giving life to worn and weary treasures. I recommend Artistic Crafts for parents and children [as well as] art educators. The numerous illustrations of colorful works produced by Judith’s students will inspire creativity in artists of all ages.”
-Kim L. DeFibaugh, Ed.D., Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts, Toms River Regional Schools. 


Dr. Judith Peck is Professor Emeritus of Art, Ramapo College of New Jersey. She is author of several books on art techniques and creativity in learning for teachers and parents. Her sculptures are included in 80 public and private collections internationally. Pictures and information about her work can be viewed at and titles of other books at

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