The Bright Blue Button and the Button-Hole


A picture book in rhyme and full color about a loving button and button-hole who live on a gentleman’s vest. The man’s vest gets tight after many visits to Ms. Murphy’s sweet shop, so that soon,  the man’s vest on which the couple live gets t-i-g-h-t-e-r and t—i—g—h—t—e—r until…POP!” But the tale has a happy ending when Ms. Murphy comes to the rescue.



The Bright Blue Button and the Button-Hole is a picture book story about the struggle of a loving button and button-hole to stay together when the man’s vest on which they live gets t-i-g-h-t-e-r and t—i—g—h—t—e—r until…POP!. What happens to them changes everyone close by.

But the ending is a HAPPY one.

Winner of the Mom’s Choice Award for excellence in Children’s Projects

Hardcover 32 pages
ISBN 0-9746119-5-6



“An effective collaboration of author Judith Peck and artist Mario Stasolla, this book packs peppy rhyming verse, lively characters, and captivating, clutter-free illustrations to relate the fascinating story of love, parting and eventual reunion of a button and a button-hole who lived “on the waist of a gentleman’s vest, and hugged each other daily when the gentleman dressed.” Unfortunately, the man develops a fondness for the delicious cakes, pies and tarts at Miss Murphy’s shoppe, and this starts showing on his waist… and one day… the button pops off. The old man “let the matter go, for he was very busy and did not like to sew.” Eventually, Miss Murphy makes a patch, sews the button back and the old man and Miss Murphy find their own wedded bliss. Besides inducing giggles from the picture-book audience, this delightful book presents information in an engaging way, while the large type and simple words prompt them to read and learn.”
-BookWire Review, May, 2005

“My grandchildren always ask me to read the “Judy” books when they come to visit.”
-Dr. Alice Sheffet, University of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, NJ

“Our great-grandchildren adored your picture books and wanted to hear them read to them over and over again.”
-Miriam Kirsch, New City, NY

Dr. Judith Peck
is Professor Emeritus of Art, Ramapo College of New Jersey. She is author of several books on art techniques and creativity in learning for teachers and parents. Her sculptures are included in 80 public and private collections internationally. Pictures and information about her work can be viewed at and titles of other books at

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