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​Effective Creative Learning for Teachers and Parents; Techniques in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Crafts; Projects in Movement, Dance, Drama and Story By Award Winning Author, Sculptor, and Educator Dr. Judith Peck 

Books by Dr. Judith Peck

Techniques in the Arts


Artistic Crafts

Inventive Creations with Cast-Offs. 
For all ages: Methods and inventive ideas to create with cast-off materials, illustrated in full color. 


Art Activities for Mind and Imagination

For middle & high school grades: Scores of art projects to stimulate creativity and exercise the brain. 


Sculpture as Experience 2nd Edition

Working With Clay, Wire, Wax, Plaster and Found Objects. 
For adults, high school and middle school students. Illustrated in full color: projects in clay, wire, wax, found objects, plaster and more. 

Parents and Teachers


Smart Starts in the Arts

For parents and teachers of babies and toddlers: Practical ways to promote intelligence and joyful interactions.

Fostering Intelligence, Creativity and Serenity in the Early Years. 


Dynamic Play And Creative Movement

Powering Body and Brain

Dynamic Play and Creative Movement offers parents and teachers of young children accessible approaches to joyful and effective learning with methods that coordinate with children’s natural energies and skills. 


Leap to the Sun: Learning Through Dynamic Play

Leap to the Sun is designed for parents, group leaders and teachers of children 3 – 11 years of age. Dynamic learning means using children’s natural endowments in learning. These endowments are: physical energy, imagination and the need for self expression. All this can be guided into movement activities that will bring learning into where the child already is.

Higher Education


Art and Social Interaction

A Guide for College Internships Serving Correctional, Rehabilitation and Human Service Needs. 



Runaway Piggy Bank

An award winning adventure about a piggy that gets shook up too much by his owner and runs away. 


The Bright Blue Button and the Button-Hole

A picture book about a loving button and button-hole who struggle to stay together when the man’s vest on which they live gets t-i-g-h-t!



Seeing in the Dark

Set from the mid-60’s to the mid-90’s, the novel explores a woman’s personal journey through career, marriage and raising a family in a time of profound cultural change.

Naked Under the Lights

Naked Under the Lights, in the genre of literary fiction, is about family dynamics and the creation of art. It is centered around the Art Students League in New York City. Published by Black Rose Writing.


Judith Peck is Professor Emeritus of Art, Ramapo College of New Jersey. Her sculpture is included in 80 public and private collections and referenced in the Smithsonian Institute’s publication Designing Public Art published in conjunction with The National Museum of American Art. She is recipient of a Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award and honors related to her publications, sculpture and teaching. 

Judith with one of her 4 sculptures “Ladies of Steel” on the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, Gateway to the UN, NYC Jan. – Aug. 2023

Women in a Sauna – Bronze, 15″ x 16″ x 7″
Series: Women in Bronze


REFUGEES, life size Polystyrene, fiberglass, resin, bronze
Pictured: on loan, Mahwah Library, NJ, 2022 – 2023

RESETTLEMENT, life sized, mixed media
Pictured – Fordham University at Lincoln Center
Located – Clifton New Jersey Art Park

Judith Peck Sculptures

Sculpture in Bronze, Stone, Wood & Fiberglass-Outdoor & Indoor Works
Photos and Videos


“Judith Peck sculpts as the wind wills – from carefully wrought beauty to wayward mischief.”

The Record, New Jersey 

“Judith Peck’s sculptures assert a dynamic and uplifting human presence, posed against midtown’s soaring glass towers.

Gallery & Studio, New York 

“I was convinced that every child in the school system should be exposed to Judith Peck’s unique approach to the teaching of the arts.”

Rose Shapiro, former President, NYC Board of Education