Leap to the Sun: Learning Through Dynamic Play

Leap to the Sun: Learning Through Dynamic Play
Genres: Dance and movement, elementary school
Publisher: Imagination Arts Publications
ISBN: 0974611948

Leap to the Sun is designed for parents, group leaders and teachers of children 3 - 11 years of age. Dynamic learning means using children's natural endowments in learning to help them perceive and understand the world. These endowments are: physical energy, imagination and the need for self expression. All this can be guided into movement activities that will bring learning into where the child already is.

About the Book

Leap to the Sun: Learning through Dynamic Play
by Judith Peck

Highly aclaimed by educators, this book guides teachers and parents in creative movement activities for children from three to eight years old. For use in homes, schools and recreation programs, the book includes 150 art, music, dance, drama, nature and holiday projects.
Also included are stand alone original stories for improvisation and school presentations.
The book is illustrated with photographs of children engaged in the projects. 

CD available with author’s narration and classical piano accompaniment of 13 dance stories from the book

Hardcover or soft cover, 158 pages.

“I was convinced that every child in the school system should be exposed to Judith Peck’s unique approach to the teaching of the arts – a superb book.”
—Rose Shapiro, Former President, New York City Board of Education

“Excellent material to utilize in in-service training of teachers working with after-school care in the day care setting.”
—Dept. of Child Development, Black Hawk College, Moline, IL

“An unusually creative approach—it differs substantially from most of the other resources we use. I will encourage my elementary teachers to use it.”
—Dr. William Anderson, Director of Curriculum and Teaching
Dept.of Movement Sciences and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

“A fantastic method for children to learn about their bodies.”
— Dept.of Social Science, Wilson Technical Institute, Wilson, NC

“In the preparation of physical education and elementary education teachers I will use this book as a reference source to expose students to another way to work with movement and creativity.”
—Dept. of Physical Education, Penn State University, University Park, PA

“Beautiful text – I am considering it for a new class next year.”
— Dept. of Social Sciences, Forsyth Technical Institute, Winston Salem, NC

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