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When a newborn arrives

When a newborn arrives, a sibling’s hug can appear like a hit, even a stranglehold, but so can a hit that hides a hug. Truthfully, the toddler has  brand new emotions with the advent of a new member to the family. Being told what he or she feels is love for his new sister or  brother but feeling the powerful strange surge of emotions within him, the child  will likely express it as he does every other aspect of  his life, which is physically. Thus, while protecting the vulnerable baby, it is best to show the sibling how to be physical with the baby: how to touch  or hold the baby, what to properly place in the crib (and what not).  Your child always wants to please you and this commendation of his or her actions will provide additional support at a tense time for the whole family.

This excerpt was selected from Peck’s book, Smart Starts in the Arts: Fostering Intelligence, Creativity and Serenity in the Earlier Years. A longer version was the subject of Peck’s article published in Parent Guild News.

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