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Promoting Early Childhood Intelligence and Joyful Interactions

The book, Smart Starts in the Arts: Fostering Intelligence, Creativity and Serenity in the Early Years by Judith Peck, Ed.D., offers practical ways to promote intelligence and joyful interactions. Designed for parents and teachers of babies and toddlers, this practical, easy-to-read book covers ways to bring the best of early child care into everyday routines with chapters on baby’s brain development, birth, language, nursing, feeding, ways to turn tears into smiles, the kind of play that stimulates creativity and learning, how to turn conflicts into resolutions and more. Included are TV and travel tips and the importance of bringing art into daily life: drawing, painting, poetry and song. All this while doing daily chores and routines.  Highly recommended. The perfect gift for a new mom. Order here: Smart Starts in the Arts   Also available on Amazon.

Softcover 123 pages, illustrated.

Discounted price for purchase on the Imagination Arts Publication website: $16.99 ISBN 0-9746119-0-5 Library of Congress Number: 2003098054.