Image by ElasticComputeFarm from Pixabay

Mozart for Mom and Dad

Judith Peck, Ed.D.

Classic music spreads tranquility but much more. Because of its complexity, classical music is the choice to play around newborns as they kick and tumble under their mobiles and young children toddle about. Listening stimulates neurons in the brain to make synaptic connections. So while the body and mood relaxes, the brain is active.

Not to be underestimated in value, Mom and Dad are soothed with music, frazzled nerves smoothed after sleep-deprived nights and the wails of their dudes and damsels in distress. Mozart to the rescue. But for a trifecta of accomplishment under stress, try making music yourself, by singing. You will be amazed how much the kids will love it. And so will you.