Cloth Diapers

Judith Peck, Ed.D.

Does anyone remember the joy of folding diapers–no I’m serious? Warm and clean from the dryer, all that was expected of you was to lift a bunch, set this down and with two swift folds, set each in its neat little pile. So easy and productive a task. Has anything since compared with the combined relaxation and usefulness of the enterprise?

Oh never mind the prelims, the poop a mere splash in the pan and a toss in the washer and then off to the warm comfort of the dryer and your receptive arms that will soon hold the chubby, gurgling recipient who receives this fine wardrobe and the extra few moments you smile as you pin with all limbs dancing in air.

Ah, those days! How on earth we gave these soft fluffy things over to plastic, I will never know.  Smart Starts in the Arts