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Odd Bi-product of Infidelity

An unusual bi-product of infidelity is renewed interest in your husband, unless the infidelity is on-going, in which case sex with a spouse has the opposite effect. Whether it was a charged up sense of my womanliness or the guilt of “straying” and wanting to make it up to Stuart or a newly discovered eroticism running through my veins, I don’t know. But I seemed to be turned on all day, so much so that a breeze against my cheek or the car’s motion under my hips or just seeing something beautiful—a deer, a blue jay, a flight of geese in perfect formation—could make me flush and think of bed and Stuart … yes, Stuart, of pleasing him and using my affair with Charles to do it. I wanted to keep Charles flowing in my veins — for Stuart. Seeing in the Dark, Arielle’s Story